Deer Export Collection and commercialization of deer antlers and fallow deer antlers. Manufacture and commercialization of natural meat products: game meat and natural snacks for dogs k s f

Deer antlers

First company importing and exporting deer antler in Spain,
since 1982. Deer antlers proceeding from natural shedding. The highest quality.

Fallow deer antlers

Since 1982 we export fallow deer antlers to different countries in the World. First company in Spain exporting fallow deer antlers in Spain.

Snacks for dogs

Discover our natural snacks for dogs. They clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth and they are irresistible. 100% meat slowly dehydrated in the oven.

Deer Export

Our main activity is the collection and commercialization of deer
antlers and fallow deer antlers. We also produce and commercialize other natural
products: game meat and natural snacks for dogs.

We transport our ideas creating wealth all around the World, developing
sustainable commerce with innovative products in the West and traditional
ones in the East.

We work in order to satisfy our clients’ needs with honesty,
guaranteeing the highest quality and in a responsible way with the


Commercializing our products, guaranteeing
their highest quality with the objective of
satisfying our clients’ needs.


Leading the commercialization
of deer-related products globally.


Corporate responsibility, honesty, loyalty
to our clients and respect for environment.

About Us

We are a family company with more than 40 years of experience in the deer-related products sector. We bring great value to the different deer-related sectors, from people who live of the land to meat companies.

Our team is composed of reliable people, committed to their work to achieve the best products for our clients, and we want to continue doing so for a long time.